by Niol Lockington UPDATED JUNE 2 /03 "STOL TAKEOFF" IN "Flying the 701"

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Flying the 701

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INTRODUCTION : I became involved with the 701 after a moderate amount of research, looking for an aircraft that would fit my particular requirements. I needed a machine that :

bullet was robust
bullet was fully enclosed
bullet could handle turbulence and crosswinds
bullet had a really useful payload
bullet carried lots of gas 
bullet could operate safely into our two microscopic airstrips
bullet had a reputation for being strong and safe

Great Exhibition Bay (East Coast, Northland N.Z.)

"Glove boxes are more important than silly dials!", insisted my wife.

Local kids doing the preflight inspection prior to take off on the silica sand.

At home base, Pikes Pt., Auckland N.Z,

Parked down on the farm, KatiKati. N.Z.